Why Is Marco The Phoenix So Strong In One Piece ?

Marco The Phoenix is the former first commander of Whitebeard Pirates. While we already saw the power of Marco in the famous Marineford Arc, the thing is we didn’t actually see the full power of his devil fruit. So, This begs the question that what is the full power of Marco The Phoenix.

In the Recent Episode of One Piece 1022 Marco was giving a tough time to both Queen and King. It looked like Marco single handedly managed to damage the powerful commanders of the Beast Pirates.

What is Marco’s Devil Fruit?

Marco The Phoenix is the Ancient Mythical Zoan Devil Fruit User. This Ancient Mythical Zoan Fruit is even rarer than the Logia Devil Fruit. Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Phoenix is Marco’s Devil Fruit. This Devil Fruit User can transform into a phoenix which has blue flames. As a doctor himself he can cure his patients with his Phoenix Mythical Zoan Devil Fruit. He can use his blue flames to either hurt his enemies or to heal.

Marco The Phoenix
Marco The Phoenix

All Attacks Of Marco The Phoenix

  1. Phoenix Brand
  2. Bluebird 
  3. Crane Talons

Why didn’t Marco Unleash his full power During Marineford Arc?

During the Marineford Arc we’ve seen Marco manage to push Kizaru aside by his kick and also when Aokiji attacks Luffy during the Paramount war Marco The Phoenix interferes and helps Luffy to escape from the attacks of the Admiral. Marco’s kick looked so powerful that he sent Aokiji flying.

Marco The Phoenix
Marco The Phoenix

In The Wano Country Arc just before the battle between Kaido vs The Worst Generation. King and Queen were interfering with  Zoro and Luffy not letting them reach Kaido as he was fighting Kinemon and his team on the roof. Marco The Phoenix caught Zoro in his legs, threw him onto the roof and in the meantime he stopped the movement of both the commanders of Kaido. Queen And King were no joke; they were having a bounty of over a Billion on their heads.

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