Why Black Clover Anime Is Different From Naruto and Naruto Shippuden

Here in this article let’s discuss why Black Clover and Naruto Anime Both are different.Though Black Clover resembles a bit of Naruto as the main protagonist hosts a demon in their body. MC of Black Clover Asta has no magic and wields an anti-magic sword and also possesses a Demon who doesn’t have magic whereas Naruto possesses a monster named nine tailed beast Kurama. There are 9 tailed beasts among them Kurama seems to be the most powerful and strongest.

Why Black Clover Anime Is Different From Naruto and Naruto Shippuden

Black Clover Anime world runs through magic whereas in the world of Naruto shinobi rules the world. Though both of the anime series have great storytelling, The MC Asta and Naruto are the losers of their world. Asta has no magic and Naruto can’t do ninjutsu other than Shadow Clone. Later Naruto became the most powerful and strongest shinobi.

Asta And Naruto have the same dream to achieve like Naruto wants to be the Hokage of the village hidden in the leaf whereas Asta wants to become Wizard King.

Black Clover’s story revolves around two young teenagers named Yuno and Asta who can overcome any kind of obstacle or any kind of threat to achieve their dream to become the strongest Wizard King.

What makes Black Clover Anime series different from Naruto And Naruto Shippuden?

So, here comes the question, apart from all these similarities.

To become the Wizard King of the Clover Kingdom, One has to join the magic knights squad Yuno as a genius knight himself impresses all the magic knights captains and joins the most powerful magic knight squad Golden Dawn whereas Asta fails to impress magic knight captains but the captain of the black bulls magic squad asks Asta to join his squad.
To Simplify more Black Bulls magic knights squad is the worst magic knight squad ever.

They are lazy, useless, and always slacking. Here comes the real story even though these guys are pretty useless they are very funny but in the time of need they never back down from a fight. Asta motivated these guys so much that they don’t want to give up from any obstacle.

World of Black Clover always has a conflict with the other kingdoms and to defeat the enemies some of the knights make a deal with the devil and receive other worldly powers. Asta with his anti-magic slays everyone.

The Naruto series kind of focuses on the flashbacks of the shinobi and Naruto always wanted attention from his peers or his colleagues though Naruto grew up by himself whereas Asta was raised by the church in the Hage Village.

Naruto Anime talks about the world, peace and pain. Almost everyone in the Naruto universe is pretty much devoted to the development of leaf village and keeps it safe from the enemies. But here in the Black Bull squad everyone except Asta is pretty much demotivated wasting time by drinking or wrecking havoc. This Magic Squad is ranked low among 13 magic knights squad as it bears minus 30 stars. This makes Black Clover different from Naruto and Naruto Shippuden.

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