One Piece an ongoing anime series getting a remake Wit Studio.

One Piece anime series started in the year 1997 and on november 21, 2021 One Piece celebrated its 1000 episode right now this anime recently aired its latest episode 1088.

Yes this is the first time an ongoing anime series is getting a remake and Netflix will be streaming.

The First 100 chapters from the One Piece Manga will be animated by the Wit Studio and it will be released on Netflix.

One Piece starting episodes will be remade by Wit Studio.

onepiece remake
onepiece remake

Wit Studio produced some of the major anime hit titles like Attack on Titan and Vinland Saga Season and everyones knows how beautiful the season of the Vinland Saga is. Attack on Titan was a class of its own. The starting seasons of AOT have got so many positive reviews mostly appreciating the work of Wit Studio.

How many One Piece Arcs or how many episodes will be getting a remake ?

Officials confirmed that the entire East blue saga will get a complete remake by Wit Studio.

One Piece East Blue Saga consists of episodes 1-61 from the one piece anime and first hundred chapters from the One Piece Manga which was written by Eiichiro Oda from 1997.

East Blue Saga has so many important moments which will impact the whole one piece universe. East Blue Saga again divided into 6 arcs

  1. Romance Dawn Arc 
  2. Orange Town Arc 
  3. Syrup Village Arc
  4. Baratie Arc 
  5. Arlong Arc
  6. Loguetown Arc


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