Oshi no ko Anime Live Action has been announced 

After the massive success of Netflix’s One Piece Live action. Everyone in the anime community had predicted that many live action anime series would be announced as many fans consider One Piece Live Action broke the curse of bad anime adaptation. First episode of Oshi no ko made fans go wild because of how new and refreshing this anime is.

Oshi no ko Live Action is in works 

Oshi no ko anime Live Action will include a movie and a TV series and is all set to be released on amazon prime video this winter 2024. Right now, Ai hoshino fans are speculating who will be playing this iconic character. 

Oshi no ko “idol” song was a super hit and it was even listed on billboard charts. This song is even listed for Crunchyroll Anime Awards 2024.  

OSHI NO KO Anime Song is the most Googled song of 2023 



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