One piece’s EGGHEAD Island on Netflix 

One-piece Anime is one of the longest anime series and it’s still on-going. One piece anime Series started from 1999 and 2023 is considered as one of the best years for the one piece. One piece manga is one of the top selling manga of all time. 

Recently, One piece anime completed its wano arc and right row it’s headed into the egg head Island. Netflix announced that one-piece Anime will be seen on Netflix with weekly new episodes. 

Netflix will release one-piece weekly episodes 

Previously, in Netflix only the one piece movies like stampede and onepiece Red were available to watch. EGGHEAD Island arc officially started from January 6th 2024.

Netflix announced that from EGGHEAD Island arc one piece anime on Netflix will feature weekly new episodes. EGGHEAD Arc is coming to Netflix on January 13.

Straw Hat crew will experience an Island with Advanced technology.Let’s see how the story will progress.



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