No more buster calls? One Piece’s Strongest Character Unleashes his power

Single attack can erase the entire island with its population to non-existent.

 One Piece Anime recently finished its Wano arc. RIght now the anime is headed into the EGGHEAD Island Arc but just before that we get to know about the No.2 of the  Revolutionary army Chief. Sabo was so anxious to pass on the information that he witnessed.

Who is this Mysterious and Powerful Strongest Character of One Piece?

One Piece Latest episode 1089 revealed the strongest character of One Piece. As of now there is no exact information about this character but this character is called Imu-sama. Previously, Imu sama was seen with the Alabasta queen Vivi Poster and Monkey D. Luffy. 

Sabo was traced by the Navy and exact whereabouts were pinpointed and found out that he was in a kingdom named Lulia and just like that Imu sama summoned laser like energy beams from the sky and wiped out the entire Island. Now there is no Island such as the Kingdom of Lulusia.



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