Eichiro Oda is in Medical Emergency because of One Piece 

One Piece started serialization in the year 1997 since then the creator behind One Piece Eichiro Oda was never seen taking a good amount of break from drawing the latest chapter of Manga.

New Information revealed that Eichiro Oda is suffering from Sleep Deprivation and he should be resting immediately. 

Quite recently, One Piece Live Action was released by Netflix and EIchiro Oda handpicked the characters and he himself involved in writing the story and after being a massive hit now Netflix announced they will be producing One Piece Live Action Season 2. 

Eichiro Oda now has one more task even though he’s very busy with the One Piece Latest chapters he agreed that he will be completing the story of upcoming One Piece Live Action  season 2

Fans all around the world want Eichiro Oda to take a break from drawing new chapters and postpone the release of upcoming Chapters. As of now writing this article One Piece Manga has released about 1101 Chapters    



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