One Punch Man Where To Start Manga After Anime

One Punch Man Manga Chapters are most hyped and trending in the anime community worldwide. Well everyone is talking about this series, So here in this article i will show you from which chapter you need to start reading One Punch Man Manga right after watching anime.

Season 3 of One Punch Man has been confirmed for 2024.The studio behind jujutsukaisen confirmed that they started animating new season.Everyone is in hype coz they know the work of Mappa.Among the manga readers this monster arc is considered to be best arc in the entire One punch man story

One Punch Man Where To Start Manga After Anime

From Chapter 85 you can start reading this epic manga but i have to warn you Once you start reading you’ll be binge reading because these manga chapters are very intriguing and it will take you on a journey of epic story.

Right Now, There are 167 Chapters of One Punch Man season 2 of this anime series following the manga chapters upto 84. The manga panels of One Punch Man make you appreciate the efforts of Yusuke Murata. Some of the chapters like 166 and 167 don’t look like any other manga chapter, rather this looks like art.

One Punch Man Where To Start Reading Manga After Watching Anime

The Manga of One Punch Man focuses on defeating monster association members. What makes it interesting is that the whole hero association will take up this mission to seize the underground territory of monsters.

One Punch Man Manga Is It Worth Reading

Well I assure you that you won’t regret a tiny bit of reading the manga of One Punch Man instead you will be thinking why did i miss this legendary manga. Well, i don’t want to spoil your fun but the fights, comedy and the epic drawing of Yusuke Murata are just amazing. As per my experience after reading every One Punch Man Manga chapter I was happy. Hope you guys have fun..

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