Black Clover Where To Start Manga After Anime

Black Clover is one of the latest Shonen anime which quickly became one of the best. Well Black Clover kind of reminds us about the legendary anime like Naruto. But many of the fans argue that this anime series looks the same as Naruto which is quite wrong. So, here in this article you will get to know from which chapter you can continue reading Black Clover Manga.

Why Did Black Clover Stop Releasing New Episodes ?

Everyone thought initially that because of low popularity Black Clover Anime got canceled but this news is quite false. Black Clover never had the problem of low audience. Ever since the release of the first episode which was in 2017 this quickly became one of the most loved anime. Final episode of Black Clover anime series was aired in March 2021. Black Clover is quite a long series with a total of 170 episodes but when you compare it to typical 12 episode anime seasons.

Black Clover Where To Start Manga After Anime

From Chapter 270 of Black Clover Manga you can start reading but I have to warn you that the twists, fighting, character development and the emotions will hit you strongly. I’ve had so much fun reading Black Clover Manga. I think every Black Clover fan will love these Manga chapters. RIght Now, there are 331 Chapters available to read. And the chapter 331 of Black Clover Manga has left with a Cliffhanger and went on a one month hiatus for the next chapter.

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