Hunter X Hunter Where To Start Manga After Anime

Hunter X Hunter is one of the best anime series out there. Yoshihiro Togashi is the creator of this popular anime series Hunter X Hunter. This Anime series was initially released in the year 1999, But in the 2011 Hunter X Hunter anime series got rebooted to improve its animation. This improved quality made this anime even more popular than its original release in 1999.

Where To Start Hunter X Hunter Manga After Watching Anime..

The Story Of Hunter X Hunter revolves around a young teen named Gon Freecss and his ultimate goal was to meet his father So he himself trains to be a good hunter just like his father but when he reunites with his father he understands his ultimate goal is to explore and become the strongest hunter in the world.

Recently, Creator of Hunter X Hunter Yoshihiro Togashi announced that he started drawing the new chapters of this manga. So, fans are here to stay updated.

You can start reading manga after watching the anime series from the Manga chapter 340. As of now Hunter X Hunter Manga has released chapters upto 390. So, you will have 50 chapters of manga to read.

You can start reading the manga of Hunter X Hunter from chapter 340. Right after watching Hunter X Hunter 2011 anime series which has 6 seasons to be precise.

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