Why You Should This Isekai Anime World Otome Games Is Tough For Mobs

Trapped In A Dating Simulator : World Of Otome Games Is Tough For Mobs is an Isekai anime where the protagonist is transported into the world of the video game which he played.

This New isekai world is a dating simulator game where the world is dominated by females. What makes this anime stand out apart from the typical Isekai anime is that the Main Protagonist of this anime is so different as he doesn’t want his life to disturb the storyline of the game.

Leon Fau Bartfold, Mc of this show, is a mob. All he wanted was to marry a pretty girl and have a comfortable life. But when he acquired the War Machine Luxion things got interesting. He never tried to impress anybody with his achievements instead he gave all of his credits to the other people. One thing i will assure you is that you won’t find this kind of character in any ISEKAI Anime protagonist.

Leon joins the magic academy and the only purpose was to impress a pretty woman and marry her. Later things escalate when Leon meets the female protagonist of the Otome Game and befriends her. He really helps her a lot. Angelica finance of the prince who was supposed to marry the prince. But just like Leon and human was transported to the game Marie. This disturbs the balance of the game.

Leon battles with the prince for Angelica and manages to defeat the 5 Princes and somehow gets promoted. After a series of events Leon Fau Bartfold was proposed to by Olivia. All Leon wanted was to keep a very low profile and lead a decent life but all this wasn’t possible as he kept helping the kingdom from the trouble.

Another good thing about this Anime is that Leon acquires Artificial Intelligence, a cheat item which helps him to build powerful machines and to plan strategy.



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