Dr Stone Where To Start Manga After Anime

Dr Stone is one of the best science fiction anime series out there. Well this anime is kind of ISEKAI in a way but it’s not. This anime is based on a fantasy world where Ishigami Senku the protagonist of this show wakes up in the post-apocalyptic era where the modern world dates back to its original or you could say world returned to its stone age.

Dr Stone Manga Where to Start Reading Manga After Watching Anime

Right now Dr. Stone Anime is available on Netflix with 2 seasons with a total 35 episodes. Season one of Dr. Stone has 24 episodes whereas the second season known as Stone wars consists of 11 episodes. Follow up Season 3 of this anime series had been announced recently that it will air in Spring 2023 but in 2022 August Special episode Ryusui will be aired

Dr Stone Where To Start Manga After Anime

You can start reading manga of Dr. Stone from chapter 84 right after watching the anime.

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