January 2024 is Packed with the Intense New Anime Series 

Winter 2024 Anime Lineup is so refreshing as the new anime series kicks in with the new and interesting stories for the viewers to explore. Anime Studios are really exploring the fantasy world of anime with its new adaptation, leading fans to discover various anime titles according to their preferences. 

January 2024 full anime list

Here is the complete list of anime airing weekly in january 2024

  • Solo Levelling
  • Chained Soldier
  • Hokkaido gals are super adorable
  • The Foolish Angel Dances with the Devil
  • Mr. Villains Day Off
  • Delicious in Dungeon
  • A Sign of Affection 
  • My Instant Death Ability is so overpowered, no one in this world Stands a chance against me!
  • 7th Time Loop : The Villainess Enjoys a carefree life married to her worst enemy!
  • Tis Time for “Torture”, Princess 

Disclaimer: As mentioned above this is the complete list of new anime series. However, this is just a new anime series list. Anime series with sequel seasons are not included in the list.

Below is the article which helps you find Anime Series with sequel seasons.

Among the above list Solo Levelling is considered as one of the most highly anticipated anime adaptations of 2024.

Final Words:  

January 2024 anime world releases makes you hard to miss any weekly episodes

You really can’t miss any weekly episode of Anime in  January 2024. Till now only episode 1 Aired among the list i’ve mentioned above. Feel free to dive into your favorite anime world



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