Oshi no Ko Where To Start Manga After Anime 

Oshi no Ko was listed under the Top rated anime released in 2023. Oshi no ko popularly known as My Star among the English audience. 17 March 2023 was the day when viewers got to experience the life of an idol named AI Hoshino. So, Here in this article I will show you from which chapter you need to start reading Oshi no Ko Manga right after anime. 

Oshi no Ko manga series written by Aka Akasaka and illustrated by Mengo Yokoyari. First chapter released in April 2020 and counting.

Where To Start Manga after Oshi no Ko Anime

First Episode of Oshi no Ko was released on March 17, 2023 and it quickly became headlines in the anime world because the episode was not the typical anime episode; it was 90 minutes long. Season 1 of Oshi no ko final episode aired on June 28, 2023

First Episode of My Star was considered as one of the best anime with the first episode. I Assure you, One could say after watching the pilot episode of Oshi no Ko that they had experienced all kinds of roller coaster emotions.

Oshi no Ko Where To Start Manga After Anime 

From Chapter 41 you can start reading the Manga after watching anime. But I Have been warned that the story progression will be even darker. Ruby Hoshino steals the spotlight from her brother Aqua. 

Currently, there are 136 Manga Chapters of Oshi no ko. And from Manga Chapter 41 continue  the story about what happens after the final episode of Oshi no ko Anime.



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