Top 8 Arcs in Anime and Manga

Anime and Manga often consists of several arcs, each arc has a on-going particular storyline. Usually, an anime has multiple arcs which are interconnected to each other and collectively it’s called a saga. Like for example, in dragon ball z entire cell episodes were considered as cell saga. 

These are considered as the best written arc in anime and Manga

Arc meant for the character development of a particular character or an incident with a plot. 

In the anime and Manga community, here is the list for the best written arc in an anime and Manga 

Best written arc in anime

  • Shibuya arc –  Jujutsu Kaisen season 2 episode 6-23
  • Shogun assassination arc – Gintama Anime episodes 158- 205
  • Marineford arc – One Piece Anime episodes 458-489
  • Kira VS L – death note Anime episode 1-27
  • Soul society – Bleach anime episodes 17-115
  • Pain invasion – Naruto shippuden anime 143 – 169 
  • Chimera ant arc –Hunter X hunter anime episodes 61-136
  • Cell saga – Dragon Ball Z Anime episode 195- 291

Best Written arc in  Manga 

  • Shibuya arc-jujutsu kaisen Manga Chapter 83-135
  • Shogun assassination arc-Gintama Manga Chapter 166-184
  • Marineford arc-one piece Manga chapter 558-574
  • Kira VS l-Death note Manga chapter 1-64
  • Soul society -Bleach Manga Chapter 64 – 214 
  • Pain invasion -Naruto shippuden 423- 451 Manga chapter
  • Chimera ant arc- Hunter X hunter manga chapter 242-339
  • Cell saga– Dragon Ball Manga – 340 – 421

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