Hunter X Hunter Is Coming Back

Yes, Finally Hunter X Hunter is officially coming back! This is such a good anime to chill. Almost everyone in the anime community is pretty much happy about this announcement.

The Story of Hunter X Hunter revolves around Gon Freeces who wants to become the strongest hunter in the world just like his father. Initially Gon the main protagonist of this anime wanted to meet his father and will do anything to reach that man. After meeting his father he understood how vast the world is and wants to explore all kinds of places.

Gon and his friend Killua are such cool buddies watching those guys playing or just having fun makes us really feel good. Killua has a big fanbase this kid is from an assassination family. Chimera Arc is my personal favorite and you need to watch this anime right now cause it has every emotion you need, The story in this Arc is just Top Notch.

Yoshihiro Togashi, the creator of Hunter X Hunter has announced that he started drawing the manga chapters of this manga. Murata Yusuke, the creator of “One Punch Man,” has just confirmed that this is the official twitter account of Hunter X Hunter. As per Togashi’s tweet, for now 4 chapters left.

Right after creating the twitter account within three days this HXH creator became the most followed Mangaka and he even managed to surpass Horikoshi’s follower count (creator of My Hero Academia).



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