One Piece Manga Chapter 1053 Spoilers : No One Will Believe This..

One Piece Latest Chapter 1053 has been released. Last three chapters of one piece were most hyped as it was announced that after chapter 1053. The Manga will be on a hiatus after this chapter final saga of One Piece will be starting.

Here Is The Full Story Of One Piece Manga Chapter 1053 Spoilers

Okay, Now let’s talk about the latest One Piece Chapter 1053. Post war celebrations are started as Luffy and Zoro finally wake up after the battle. Yamato seems to be in vigil as she won’t be eating until Luffy and Zoro recover. Nami reminds Yamato to start eating and she invites Yamato to bathe with the girls but she refuses and joins the boys bathe. Sanji as we know he’s flying with his nosebleed after seeing Yamato.

Zoro remembers Sanji’s request and mocks him by saying i’ve returned from hell to kill you. As usual both are fighting in the background. Same thing with Luffy and Eustass Captain Kidd as Luffy calls kidd to celebrate the success of war. Kidd rejects and instead wants to fight the newly appointed Sea Emperor.

One Piece Manga Latest Chapter 1053 New Bounties

Apoo brought the newspaper as we saw in the last chapter and says the bounties are updated.
This was highly anticipated after the fight between Kaido and Big Mom. Everyone was talking and making predictions about it. Finally we witnessed the new bounties of Trafalgar Law, Eustass Captain Kidd and Monkey D. Luffy. These three members from the worst generation are now worth 3 Billion Berries.

Who Are The New Emperors Of The Sea ? After The Fall Of Kaido And Big Mom!!

Luffy’s wanted poster seems to be updated and looks like the photo was taken when he was in Gear 5 during the fight with Kaido. Luffy was announced as the new Yonko But trafalgar Law and Eustass Captain Kidd was not. Here comes the ultimate surprise: Buggy The Clown is the other Yonko. As the rumors were all around us most of the fans in the one piece community didn’t think that this would be real. But Oda gave us a shock and it turns out the rumor was real. Buggy The Clown is the new Yonko (Sea Emperor).

Robin Continues To Discover The Mystery Of The Void Century In The Latest One Piece Manga Chapter 1053.

Robin was reading the Poneglyph and she encountered the masked man Otama caretaker and it turns out that this man is the grandfather of the newly announced Shogun Momonosuke and the father of Late Oden. He confirms to robin that the ancient weapon Pluton exists in Wano as Robin says she says that the poneglyph in the Alabasta kingdom leads to this country.

This is the full story of One Piece Latest Chapter 1053..



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