Top 5 best female characters in Jujutsu kaisen

Female characters in Jujutsu Kasien are strong and very dependable each having different and unique personalities like for example if we can we the traits of Maki from Zenin clan she has great physique and flexible body but she lacks curse energy and cannot see curses whereas her sister Mai can see curses and imbue curse energy but she lacks physical prowess.

Kugisaki Nobara being the grade 3 Jujutsu Sorcerer she can easily overwhelm high grade curses and we did see she went one on one to the soul manipulator Mahito and he himself acknowledged Nobara Kugisaki that because of her technique Straw Doll resonance she will become natural enemy to the cursed spirits 

5 Best Female Characters in Jujutsu kaisen

Here is the list for the best female characters in Jujutsu Kaisen anime with grade status 


Nobara Kugisaki
(Grade 3)


Maki (Grade 4)


Mei Mei
Grade 1


Semi Grade 1 


Yuki Tsukumo Special Grade 

Yuki Tsukumo



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