Is Choso really Itadori Yuji’s Older Brother 

In the latest episode of the season 2 of Jujutsu Kaisen anime, Choso , an enemy cursed user who can easily manipulate his blood which is also poisonous was seen so filled with rage and his only goal was to finish the life of the Sukuna’s vessel. But we have seen in the anime after the fight between Yuji Itadori and Choso. Choso was mentally severely disturbed because Itadori Yuji was popping in his dream as one of his  brothers who was also having food.

 It is just like how Todo also considers Yuji as his brother let me explain 

Is Choso really Itadori Yuji’s Older Brother?

In the Jujutsu Kaisen season 2  penultimate episode after the death of Mahito, Suguru geto appears and also the jujutsu sorcerers arrives to battle against special Grade cursed user Geto but to everyone’s surprise Choso appears out of nowhere and starts attacking Geto and started calling Noritoshi Kamo that he deceived Choso to kill his own younger brother. This made fans confused all because 30 mins earlier Choso was so determined to finish Yuji now he’s protecting Itadori Yuji.

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Why does Choso call Itadori Yuji his younger brother ? 

After defeating the sukuna vessel he immediately tries to understand why he feels this much connection to Yuji Itadori and then he realizes that Choso had been deceived by the curse living in the body of Suguru Geto. How Choso was born is explained in the anime itself it goes as follows : Curse spirit living inside the body of Suguru Geto was previously inside of the noritoshi Kamo and impregnates the cursed spirit woman and mixed it with cursed energy ancient blood and somehow he manipulated the blood after several trial and error cursed wombs are born and that’s how Choso and his brothers are born. 

The question is how are they related to yuji and choso. The same blood was used for yuji itadori birth to make him a strong cursed user. 

So how does Itadori Yuji is born and that’s still a mystery However it was revealed in manga Spoiler alert dont worry im not gonna reveal 



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