Suguru Geto’s Uzumaki Cursed Technique Explained in simple words

Recent episode of Jujutsu Kaisen episode 22 all students of Kyoto Jujutsu high was seen teaming up to fight Suguru Geto a cursed user and it was clearly indicated that the body is definitely special grade user’s Geto but Panda confirmed that mentally there is a different person in suguru’s body.

What is Uzumaki Cursed Technique used by Suguru Geto on Miwa

Episode 22 of jujutsu kaisen season 2 Geto absorbed special grade cursed spirit Mahito and when suddenly approached by Miwa with her binding vow she unleashed her the most powerful attack but Suguru Geto easily breaks her sword and summons uzumaki.

Uzumaki a cursed technique to explain this attack in simple words follow me 

Uzumaki Cursed Technique
If a low grade cursed user unleashes this attack think of it as a bomb and it will blast away instantly and if the Uzumaki cursed technique consists a special grade cursed spirit like Mahito then he can take away his famous special grade cursed technique soul manipulation “Idle Transfiguration”

Note: Uzumaki means spiral or whirlpool not Uzumaki Naruto. Many fans are misinterpreting the fact that the author mentioned Naruto Uzumaki. 



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