5 Best Anime Series With a Dark First Episode

Anime is a gateway for us to escape the reality portal to the fantasy world. But the main problem after watching an anime, is that hangover feeling because we are still reminiscing about that world and we want that kind of immersive feeling again by watching other anime series. The main problem is finding the right anime.

Here at Animeintime we recommend anime according to your taste 

These are some of the anime titles that are handpicked by me but I want to tell you guys with a small disclaimer cause these anime which I’m going to mention will have an affect on you so brace yourself.

Anime series with a dark first episode

Here are the 5 best Anime Series with a dark first episode.

Chainsaw Man

Recent addition to this series is the Mappa Studio’s latest work Chainsaw Man. This anime is all about devils and humans in an ongoing fight against the devils. Our Main protagonist is one of a kind Denji, agrees to a contract and gets fused with the dog like a devil. Viewers watching this anime can expect Massive gore and violence scenes just from the starting episodes.

Tokyo Ghoul : 

I think the Tokyo Ghoul anime has the best first episode in the entire anime history, at least for me. Most of y’all watched this anime. I think if you didn’t get time to witness this anime let me help you to enter into the traumatic world of Kaneki Ken. The MC of this anime is Kaneki Ken in the first episode itself after the date he offers to drop his date but as soon as he enters the dark alley the woman lets just say she does something to him. The life of Kaneki Ken is very painful to watch and the fight with the main villain of season 1 Jason was truly a masterpiece itself.

After season 2 the anime feels so rushed but it has a good ending. Tokyo Ghoul Anime skipped a lot better to read manga if you are hooked to the story.

Deadman wonderland 

This anime is really an underrated series but it is so dark that even from the very first episode you feel the fear of what happens next. The story of deadman wonderland is about a group of people who awakens their superhuman abilities and participates in games like various running or dangerous challenges. Every episode is so dark that characters drop dead so instantly and unexpectedly makes us viewers feel traumatized. The main plot is that all those people who are participating in these deadly games are not volunteering instead they are made to play those games at their will. The MC and his friendship with a character named Shiro is so mysterious sadly this anime did not see the light of season 2.

Kimetsu no Yaiba : 

Kimetsu no Yaiba also known as Demon Slayer, season 1 starts of with a pleasant and serene moments but at the end of the same episode we’ll witness the ultimate tragic story of Tanjiro and to elevate his pain all of family gets butchered by demons but his little sister is not affected. Nezuko is a very popular female character who transforms into a man-eating demon. Later Tanjiro joins the demon slayer corps determined to destroy the whole demon race.

Re: Zero 

Re : Zero is an ISEKAI anime where usually the MC of the story gets transported to the magical fantasy world but this anime is an unusual one why because the mc will not have any noticeable or remarkable ability however  he got a very traumatising and unique power which makes him kind of immortal means he cannot die and just like a video game checkpoint he arrives at the moment where he first emetred the new fantasy world. Every time he dies he will remember each and every little minute details of his pain and he cant forget it.

Final Words-

These are my recommendations have fun watching them.I’ll be coming up with some more similar Anime titles.Stay tuned.Comment your favourite one below.

The anime which I’ve mentioned here will have an affect on you so brace yourself.



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