Suguru Geto Explains how Itadori Yuji became a sukuna vessel

The story of Megumi Fushiguro Sister’s curse mark?

Turns out Sukuna Vessel Itadori Yuji is not special anymore. In the final episode of Jujutsu Kaisen season 2 Suguru geto explains the complexity of Itadori Yuji on awakening his body to become a cursed object vessel.

Suguru geto wants everyone in the world of Jujutsu should understand how cursed energy works. So, he then make plans on how to make Non-sorcerers to sorcerers

Shibuya Incident gate closed marks the finale episode of the Jujutsu Kaisen season 2. A Special grade User Yuki Tsukimo was the one asking the questions to Geto. Suguru Geto, However explained many things but here in this article let us read about how Yuji became a vessel for sukuna. To become the sukuna cursed object vessel one has to be in the ratio of 1:million persons. 

Suguru Geto explains the secret behind Itadori Yuji becoming Sukuna vessel 

Suguru Geto categorized two types of people as follows

  • People who can awaken a cursed technique
  • People who can become a cursed object vessel

He further elaborated his points, People who can develop a new cursed technique  as wwe seen in season one of JJK Mahito manipulates a guy named Junpei Yoshino and people who can become a fully functional Cursed object user Itadori Yuji was not on luck. 

The cursed spirit in the body of the special grade user was behind this all along. He wanted them to become jiu jitsu sorcerers but they lacked the knowledge so he altered their brain to make them awaken their full potential. 

The real reason behind Mugumi Fushiguro’s sister’s curse is that she’s been marked by Geto and his cursed energy was keeping her in an unconscious state.



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