Upcoming Most Anticipated Anime Releasing in January 2024

2023 anime is about to end. This year marks as the one of the best years and sad year for the anime fans, because the global fan favorite anime series Attack on Titan marks its end. And Jujutsu Kasien season 2 after 23 episodes, completes it’s gut wrenching traumatizing journey of Shibuya arc. However Mappa studios confirms the next Jujutsu Kaisen season 3 “THe Culling Games Arc”. 2023 Anime catalog did not disappoint any anime watcher i think. 

If you are an Anime fan try to be active on January 6th, 2024. Because many anime sequels and new anime series are going to be released on this day. However, We at animeintime.com One Piece Gear 5 was an internet sensation, One Piece Live action series liked by many fans. Boruto anime ends at a cliffhanger and right as of writing this article Boruto manga is trending among the top 5 manga this month. 

2024 anime lineup is even more interesting as the most anticipated Solo Levelling makes its way for the first episode on January 6th. One piece Spin off Monsters also got announced. 

Classroom of the elite season 3 airs its first episode on January 6, 2024

List of Upcoming Anime series releasing in January 2024

Here is the list for the 2024 anime timetable for new anime series in January 2024 

  • Monster (One Piece ) – January date not know
  • Classroom of the Elite Season 3 (COTE) – January 3rd 
  • Frieren : Beyond Journey’s End Part 2
  • Blue exorcist : Jan 6
  • Solo Leveling : jan 6
  • Mashle Season 2  : jan 6 
  • Kingdom Season 3 : jan 6
  • The dangers in my heart season 2 : jan 6
  • One piece Egghead arc : jan 7
  • Tsukimichi fantasy season 2 : Jan 8
  • Urusei yatsura season  : jan11 



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