These Are the Top selling Manga of 2023

We are at the end of 2023 and here is the list of the most anticipated top 10 most selling Manga of all time. Number 1 top selling Manga of 2023 is not One Piece but you would not be disappointed because this manga is so much fun and interesting with more than 10 Million Copies Sold.

Top 10 list of best selling Manga of 2023

Here is the list of best selling Manga of 2023


These are the Top 10 best selling Manga of 2023.Comment your favourite.



Yo, Watashino Namae wa Vamshi Chandar watching anime and reading manga has been my favorite thing to do. I have been in the anime verse since when i was 11 years old I’ve watched 5000+ anime episodes and read more than 2000 Manga chapters. I prefer ISEKAI and shonen mostly but i do watch Shonen, Seinen and Shojo.

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