No more filler Episodes After Wano Arc in One Piece

Yes, it’s confirmed that there will be no filler arc after the completion of the wano arc.

As of writing this article, the One Piece anime is tantalisingly close to the thrilling conclusion of the at the Wano Arc, a fan-favorite saga. Many fans had been speculating that the animation studio might treat us to some filler episodes, but recent announcements from the studio have out those fears to rest.

But recently the studio announced that they had no plans of making the filler arc right now. This news has been met with joy and celebration. from fans all around the globe who were anxious about potential interruptions in the main storyline.

And most people were very excited for the next big thing that will soon be happening in the world of one piece. 

Fans favorite Akagami no Shanks, is set to make an appearance in the coming and he’s gonna make some sensational comments. 

Let’s stay tuned to that. To the strawhats all around the world get ready to have fun!



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