7 Best Anime Eyes with their Extraordinary Abilities

In the world of Anime the eyes are portals for Mystical powers and Unimaginable capabilities.These mysterious eyes of the characters act as pathways to enter into the extraordinary world.This article is all about exploring a diverse array of Anime eyes.

Anime eyes with Best abilities

Explore the best abilities of Anime eyes.

Anime EyesAbilities
RinneganGravity, soul manipulation, mind-reading, chakra absorption
Six Eyes Calculate, perceive and precise control over cursed energy
Shinigami Eyesthe user can see people’s original names & lifespan
Equinoctal Vermillion Eyes Enhanced Strength & changes the properties of nen
Scarlet Eyes User will see the world and movement of other people in Slow motion
Foresight Can predict the future 
Emperor Eyes Perceives minute details of players to predict movements


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