Why You Should Watch This 12 Episode Feel Good Isekai Anime

The ISEKAI genre of anime is one of the most interesting anime series. The ISEKAI category of anime mainly focuses on characters who get transported to the other world also known as another world. This ISEKAi anime series is all about farming life. Well most of the isekai anime turns out to be the borderline ecchi and harem anime but not this one even though it has a lot of female characters in it surprisingly studios managed to keep it family friendly.

ISEKAI Anime Farming Life in Another World : Isekai Nonbiri Nouka

This anime is all about farming and agriculture. The story starts as typical ISEKAI series where the protagonist dies and gets reincarnated in the other while keeping his memories intact. Machio HIraku offered another life by god and let him choose his new purpose for life and the main character dedicates his life for agriculture because while on his deathbed he binged watched farming videos. God blesses him with a magical agriculture tool which can plow and sow any type of seed he wants. It helps for the faster growth of the plants without the seeds in reality. The user only needs to think of seed while sowing and that’s it.

This is quite an enjoyable feel good relaxing anime with no fan-service. Bit of slice of life and normal story with good pacing it’s both fun and yet relaxing anime to watch.
Starting episodes he bonds with the inferno beasts and successfully tames them later the spider demon and so on more dangerous demon characters get introduced to him and he takes good care of them.

It’s an fantasy and science-fiction genre of anime where the person or the main character teleports to the other suddenly and gets reborn as a baby but he gets to keep his memory intact.

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